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Dadswell Family History

Family of Robert and Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar

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Dadswell ancestors of the Dunbar family
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Dadswell ancestors of the Dunbar family

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell 1868 > Dunbar family

Dunbar and related families

Ulrica (Rita) Mary Ann Dadswell (1868-1955) married on 22 August 1889 Robert Francis Dunbar (1863-1950), son of Peter and Julia (Gorman) Dunbar. Robert and Ulrica initally lived at Horsham, Victoria, but in 1898 the couple and their family sailed to Western Australia to live in Subiaco. The children in Robert and Ulrica's family were -

1. Charles Thomas Dunbar, born at Ararat, Victoria, on 2 November 1889. He moved with his family to Perth in 1898 and in 1915, at the age of 25 and when he was working as a labourer, enlisted in the Australian Army as an infantryman. After training at Keswick, South Australia, he sailed for Europe aboard the troopship Ballarat. After further training in Egypt, Charles moved to the front in France in March 1916. He died in fighting near Villers-Bretonneux in France on 4 August 1916.
Emma (Hammond) Dunbar
2. Thomas William Dunbar, born at Horsham on 27 November 1891. As a seven-year-old, he moved with the family to Western Australia in 1898. In October 1916, when he was a 24-year-old horse driver in Perth, he joined the 1st AIF. Within a month he sailed for Europe. After further training in England, he served with the 16th Battalion in France and returned to Perth in June 1919, following the end of World War One. He and Emma Hammond (pictured) married at St John's Church, Kalgoorlie on 27 December 1922. Emma was the daughter of James Edward and Mary (Williams) Hammond. Emma had been born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, UK, in 1897 and the family in 1922 was living in Kalgoorlie. Tom and Emma had one son, Leonard, born the following year.

The couple ran a newsagency in Hay Street, Perth but Tom Dunbar suffered poor health following the war and he died on 7 November 1923, the same year as their son was born. Emma continued the business after his death. She died on 13 August 1980, aged 83. Their son Leonard died on 13 January 1997, aged 73.

3. Robert Ernest Dunbar, born at Horsham on 3 June 1894 and died there at the age of six months.
Helena (Dunbar) Brown
4. Helena Florence Dunbar, (pictured about 1952) born at Horsham on 28 December 1895, married in Western Australia on 12 September 1919 George Brown who was born at Burnley, Lancashire, England, on 3 April 1888, the son of James and Sarah Anne (Wilcock) Brown. George had been a textile worker but sailed to Western Australia in 1916 and found work on wheat farms. Later in life he became an attendant at Karrakatta Crematorium. Helena and George lived at 1 Forrest Street, Subiaco. They had one daughter, Joan Marion Brown, born at Subiaco on 23 July 1923. George died in Perth on 21 May 1969, aged 81, and Helena died there on 4 April 1984, aged 90.

[Joan Marion Brown, only child of George and Helena Florence (Dunbar) Brown, was born at the family home at Subiaco on 23 July 1923. She attended school at Subiaco and on 8 February 1944 married a sailor, Alan Frederick Dunning, born at Claremont, Western Australia on 10 September 1923, the son of Frederick Thomas and Ivy Gwendolyn Dunning.
Alan and Joan Dunning wedding photograph
He had seen active service during the Japanese attack on Darwin in 1942. He retired from the Royal Australian Navy after World War Two and worked for the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR). The couple lived at Subiaco with Joan's parents and had two daughters - Marion Joan Dunning on 9 December 1944 and Lois Margaret Dunning on 10 September 1948.

The family moved to Merredin in 1953 where Alan Dunning was a WAGR guard. Joan died of cancer there on 6 December 1966.]
Norman Robert James Dunbar

5. Eileen Mary Dunbar, born at Horsham on 6 December 1898. She moved to Western Australia with her family that same year. On 24 November 1925, she married James Peter Nissen in Perth. He was a butcher living at Subiaco, the son of Peter and Mary Ann (Rylan) Nissen and had been born at Muckleford, Victoria, in 1900. James Peter and Eileen Nissen had three sons and a daughter - Clement (deceased), Raymond (died in a shooting accident in 1951), Mervyn and Doreen Eileen (married Harold Mervyn Jones and died in 1970). Eileen Mary Nissen, at the age of 71, died on 16 October 1970 following a stroke. Her husband, James Peter Nissen, died two years later on 6 April 1972.

6. Norman Robert James Dunbar, (pictured in about 1952) born 29 January 1901 at Brunswick, Western Australia. In 1925, he married Maisie Evelyn Duncan who had been born in Perth in 1904, the daughter of Albert and Georgina (Bristow) Duncan. They had two sons, Leslie Norman Dunbar and Keith Duncan Dunbar. Norman Dunbar died on 2 February 1992 when aged 91; Maisie died earlier the same year, on 12 January 1992, aged 87.

7. Jack Dadswell Dunbar, born at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 17 August 1902, died at Brunswick, Western Australia, on 4 May 1904 before reaching his second birthday.
Ronald Clement Dunbar
8. Ronald Clement Dunbar, (pictured about 4 years old) born at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 9 July 1907, married Mary Christina Resiness in Perth in 1929. Mary Christina was the daughter of Mary Louisa Resiness from Beagle Bay north of Broome, and is remembered as an excellent student, talented musician, cook and seamstress. They had two daughters, Mary Josephine (born 1930) and Betty Sonia (1931). For a good part of his life, Ronald worked with horses, sometimes delivering them from saleyards to farms. He died in WA on 16 June 1975 when aged 67. Mary Christina lived to the age of 90, and died at Wagin on 3 February 1999.

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Early Dunbar family members
Robert Francis and Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar (parents of the above Dunbar family members)

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