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Dadswell Family History

Family of Francis Henry and Margaret (Johnstone) Lewin

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Dadswell connection to the Lewin family
Lewin and related families
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Dadswell connection to the Lewin family

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Alfred Otto Dadswell 1860 married Emma Lewin 1862

Alfred Otto Dadswell (1860-1946), son of Thomas William and Helena Aurora (Scheer) Dadswell, on 25 April 1894 married Emma Lewin (1862-1918), daughter of Francis Henry and Margaret (Johnstone) Lewin.

Lewin and related families

The 8 children of Francis Henry and Margaret (Johnstone) Lewin were -

1. Frederick McAlpine Lewin, born 4 April 1860 at Crowlands, Victoria, died November 1887 at Ararat Hospital from diphtheria. A Magisterial Enquiry later found that his doctor (unqualified) had possibly hastened his death, and he was found guilty of manslaughter.

Emma Lewin 2. Emma Lewin, born 7 March 1862 at Mt Cole, Victoria, died 12 June 1918 at Mt Cole. On 25 April 1894 Emma married Alfred Otto Dadswell (28 February 1860-18 June 1946), son of Thomas William and Helena Aurora (Scheer) Dadswell. Emma was remembered by her family as being a skilled horse rider, as was her husband. Emma and Otto lived at Warrak and had 3 children, Henry William, Stanley Alfred and Ethel May Dadswell.

3. Isabella Mary Lewin, born 6 July 1864, died 1 January 1917. On 26 April 1896 she married James Dalling (20 March 1861-4 May 1928), son of James McLean and Mary (Smith) Dalling.

4. Francis Henry Lewin, born and died aged about two months in 1866.

Francis Forbes Lewin 5. Francis Forbes Lewin, born 5 February 1868, farmed at Mt Cole and ran a general store at Warrak, died 5 December 1910. On 21 March 1894 he married Elizabeth Adelaide Victoria Thomas, (24 September 1872-16 September 1933), daughter of George Martin and Catherine (Buckingham) Thomas.

6. Annie Lewin, born 6 July 1870, died February 1931 at Finley, NSW. On 11 November 1903 she married Henry (Harry) Elijah Thomas (26 April 1868-Feb 1931), son of George Martin and Catherine (Buckingham) Thomas.

Tom and Frances (Lewin) Dalling 7. Frances Elizabeth Lewin, born on 27 October 1872, died 20 April 1908 in the Sunshine, Victoria, railway accident. On 16 October 1907 she married Thomas Dalling (1863-15 March 1950), son of James McLean and Mary (Smith) Dalling. They had been married only six months when Frances died when travelling to Melbourne on one of the two trains which collided at Sunshine station on the night of Easter Monday.

8. Robert Spencer Lewin, born on 20 June 1875, died 2 September 1911. In 1902 he married Mary Anne Slattery (1875-30 June 1910).

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Alfred Otto and Emma (Lewin) Dadswell

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