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Dadswell Family History

Information about the Mitten, Mitting & related families

Information about pre-Australian ancestors of the Mitting family comes from the websites of Barbara Mitting and Rod Lewin and from some additional research. A link to the Rod Lewin website is provided below.

Members of the early family lived mainly in Sussex in southeast England, but a number migrated to Australia and the United States.

Generation 1
_____ Mitten (born ca 1680-?) married (name unknown) and had 2 children, including
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Generation 2
Joseph Mitten, born 1711 at Warbleton, Sussex, who married (name unknown) and had a son
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Generation 3
Joseph Mitten, born 1746 at Warbleton, died 1816 at Windmill Hill, Sussex, married Sarah Wood, also born at Warbleton, died 1832 at Windmill Hill. They had 8 children including
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Generation 4
Edward Mitten, born 14 July 1787 at Windmill Hill, died 24 December 1848 at Windmill Hill, married Ruth Oxley, born 1785 at Windmill Hill, died 16 August 1869 at Wartling, Sussex. Edward & Ruth had 8 children, including
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Generation 5
Thomas Robert Mitten, born 22 June 1830 at Wartling, died 2 August 1917 at Ashurst, Kent, married Lydia Piper, born 14 July 1833 at Robertsbridge, Sussex, died 20 November 1905 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Thomas & Lydia had 9 children, including
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Generation 6
William Mitting, born 9 July 1867 at Ewhurst, Sussex, died 25 May 1963 at Sandringham, Victoria, married Ellen Ann Bromley, born 26 August 1868 at Berrington, Shropshire, died 12 May 1956 at Blackburn, Victoria. In 1892, William and Ellen sailed from London aboard the steam ship Orizaba, landing at Adelaide. They later had a grape-growing property at Merbein, Victoria, and had 3 children, including
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Generation 7
Charles Lawrence Mitting, born on 10 March 1895 at Mildura, Victoria, died at Merbein on 28 July 1929. He married Ethel May (Ciss) Dadswell, born 13 August 1897 at Buangor, Victoria, died 2 February 1943 at Mildura. Charles served in the Australian Army in Europe in World War One, was held as a prisoner of war in Germany for about 20 months. He and Ethel had 4 children.

Further information

Ethel May Dadswell and Charles Mitting
Children of Charles and Ethel (Dadswell) Mitting
Mitten/Mitting family chart (chart showing more detail of the 7 generations shown on this page)

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