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Dadswell Family History

Family of Charles and Ethel (Dadswell) Mitting

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Dadswell ancestors of the Mitting family
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Dadswell ancestors of the Mitting family

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Alfred Otto Dadswell 1860 > Ethel May Dadswell 1897 > Mitting family

Mitting and related families

Ethel May Dadswell (1897-1943) married on 4 October 1919 Charles Lawrence Mitting (1895-1929), son of William and Ellen Ann (Bromley) Mitting.

The children in Charles and Ethel's family were -

Elsie Mavis Mitting, born at Mildura, Victoria, on 20 May 1920. She was educated at The Lake Primary, Mildura Central and Mildura High Schools, and later attend Zercho's Business College and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Initially she worked as a tailoress then during World War Two became a clerk in the Postmaster General's Department working in communications in Melbourne. After the war she joined an insurance company for many years before moving to a stock broking office. The last 12 years of her working life were in the faculty of applied science at Swinburne Institute of Technology. Her other interests included music, art and handcrafts. She lived in retirement in Melbourne and died on 15 August 2015, aged 95.

Ellen Ethel Mitting, born at Mildura, on 18 March 1922. She was educated at The Lakes Primary, Sunnycliffs Primary, Mildura Central and Mildura High Schools. She worked mainly as an accounting machine operator, at Mildura for Shillidays department store and the First Mildura Irrigation Trust, and as a supervisor for Turner Manufacturing (later Stanley Planes) in Melbourne. During World War Two she worked in a group providing refreshments for airmen who ferried freight planes to Darwin and returned with aircraft damaged by the Japanese air raids. She was also a volunteer in the canteen once the RAAF Operational Training Unit was established at Mildura. She married Jack Alexander Tutor in January 1946, and they had one daughter, Briar Tutor, born that year. In November 1964 Ellen remarried, to Sidney Hector Plymin. They lived at Ferntree Gully, Sid dying on 5 May 2005 and Ellen on 27 June 2007.

William Alfred Mitting, born at Merbein, Victoria, on 28 September 1923. He was educated at Mildura High School (pre-World War Two) and at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (post-war). Bill served in the RAAF from December 1941 until discharged in the rank of warrant officer in February 1946. He trained as a wireless operator/air gunner in Canada and served with 462 Squadron Bomber Command, flying missions from the UK over Germany. He joined the Postmaster General's Department in 1946 as a trainee telecommunications technician and worked in that field, retiring in 1982 as an engineer after 36 years service. Bill married Eunice Bryan at Geelong on 5 April 1947 and they had two children, Kenneth and Gail who were both born in Melbourne. Bill died at Batemans Bay, NSW, on 1 August 1984 and is buried at Highton, Victoria.

Desmond Charles Mitting, born at Merbein on 15 June 1925. He was educated at Mildura Central and Mildura High Schools. Growing up he was involved in rowing, golf caddying, serving at picture theatres and picking fruit. He completed a motor mechanic apprenticeship at Stuart and Harrisons at Mildura before training as a fitter and turner at the Maribyrnong Ordnance Factory in Melbourne. After two years he transferred to Bendigo Ordnance Factory. He retired from there in April 1979. Des married Margaret (Peg) Elizabeth Boyd at Long Gully, Victoria, on 23 May 1946 and they had six children - Richard, Carole, Christine, Helen, Andrew and Neil. Des died at Bendigo on 6 May 1989.

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