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Dadswell Family History


A number of Dadswell family histories have been published.

  • Barbara Balch, A Dadswell Family History and Genealogy, self-published by the author, Canada, 1980 - 258 pages of comprehensive research. Now out of print.

  • Barbara Balch Nethercott, Dadswell Family Bulletin - a periodic publication with information arising from the research of the author. Now discontinued.

  • Harley Dadswell, Dadswells of Dadswells Bridge, self-published by the author, Australia, 1990 - 60 pages which focuses particularly on Thomas William and Helena Aurora Dadswell and their Australian descendants.

  • Harley Dadswell, Reflections of Henry and Jessie Dadswell, self-published by the author, Australia, 1996 - records of documents and interviews with these Red Cliffs, Victoria, Dadswells.

  • Henry Dadswell, Diary of a Sapper - World War One Reflections of Sapper Henry W Dadswell, self-published by the author's family, Australia, 2010 - records the wartime activities of an Australian Army signaller/linesman 1915-1919 and his subsequent life. Details.

For any information about these publications, please contact the author/publisher - see Contact addresses at the foot of any website page.

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