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Dadswell Family History

Generation 10
In this section ...

The family of Henry William and Jessie Isabel (Smiley) Dadswell:

Jean Marion Dadswell 1928-1985
Gladys Jessica Dadswell (Gaye Robinson) 1930-2019
Toz Dadswell born 1932
Douglas Dadswell born 1937
Harley Dadswell born 1941

The family of Stanley Alfred and Ethel Evelyn Mary (Pilgrim) Dadswell:

Alfred William (Bill) Dadswell 1929-1993
Percival (Perce) Leslie Dadswell 1930-2007
Norman Stanley Dadswell 1935-2005

The family of Thomas William and Violet Ilma Evangeline (Burford) Dadswell:

Charles Robert Dadswell 1926-1990
Ken Dadswell born 1929


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