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Dadswell Family History

Generation 10
Sidney Edward Dadswell (1885-1947) and Lily Robinson

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Ancestors of Sidney Edward Dadswell
Sidney Edward Dadswell's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Sidney Edward Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Edward Dodswell 1679 > Thomas Dadswell 1719 > Edward Dadswell 1754 > Robert Dadswell 1784 > Robert Dadswell 1819 > Stephen Orrace Dadswell 1854 > Sidney Edward Dadswell 1885

Sidney Edward Dadswell's story

Carlyons Hotel, Melbourne

Note: The name 'Sidney' has sometimes been recorded as 'Sydney'.

Sidney Edward Dadswell, the third of six children of Stephen and Ellen (Pett) Dadswell, was born in Melbourne in 1885.

On 12 August 1913 at St Luke's Church, South Melbourne, he married Lily Robinson, daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Shaw) Robinson. The couple had two daughters, Joyce and Gwen.

For many years, Sidney Dadswell was an accountant and then his name became associated with Carlyons Hotel on the south-east corner of Bourke and Spencer Streets in Melbourne. In conjunction with Harold L. Fowler, Sidney Dadswell took over the licence of Carlyons on 1 June 1936. Fowler withdrew from the partnership in 1941 and Sidney's wife Lily, and Mrs Elizabeth M. Jackson entered the business with the hotel trading as Jacksons and Dadswells. This continued until Sidney died in 1947 when Lily assumed the family responsibility. In 1950 the hotel licence was transferred to others.

Sidney Dadswell died at Mornington, Victoria on 28 June 1947. Lily Dadswell died in 1964.

This 11-generation Family Chart shows the development of this Dadswell family (PDF file).

Picture: Carlyons Hotel, south-east corner of Bourke and Spencer Streets, from Walking Melbourne website.

Key family dates

Sidney Edward Dadswell
born 1885
died 28 June 1947
South Melbourne
12 August 1913
Lily Robinson
born 25 February 1891
died February 1964
Children -

1. Joyce Lilian Dadswell born 4 Jan 1916 - died 13 Nov 1999

2. Gweneth Alice Dadswell born 4 Jul 1918 - [married Miles Gillon] - died 20 Sep 2001

Further information

Information on Stephen and Ellen Dadswell (generation 9, parents of Sidney Edward Dadswell)

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