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Dadswell Family History

Generation 3
Edward Dodswell (1659-1736) and Elizabeth Elliott

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Ancestors of Edward Dodswell
Edward's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Edward Dodswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659

Edward Dodswell's story

Edward Dodswell, yeoman (land owner), the only son of Robert and Mary (Aynscombe) Doudeswell, was baptised at the Parish Church of St Denys in Rotherfield on 6 June 1659. He was 18 when he was married on 4 May 1677, to Elizabeth Elliott (ca 1657 - 1735), daughter of John (1624 - 1680) and Ann Elliott (1617/18 - 1700?).

Edward inherited his father's properties, and was described in his father's will as yeoman and clocksmith, although no evidence has been found that he followed the latter trade.
Castle at Lewes, Sussex
In 1698 Edward served as a churchwarden at St Denys, and in 1705 he was described as a freeholder of Rotherfield when he cast his parliamentary elections vote at Lewes, Sussex.

Edward and Elizabeth had nine children, all baptised at Rotherfield.

After a 58-year marriage, Elizabeth died at Rotherfield in July 1735; a year later Edward died and was buried there on 12 August 1736.

Edward and Elizabeth are ancestors of all Dadswell family members.

Additional information: see Balch, Barbara, A Dadswell Family History and Genealogy, self published, Canada, 1980.
Picture: Castle at the East Sussex county town of Lewes.

Key family dates

Edward Dodswell
baptised 6 June 1659 -
buried 12 Aug 1736
4 May 1677
Elizabeth Elliott
born ca 1657 -
buried 11 July 1735
Children -

1. Mary baptised 17 April 1678 - [married Thomas Muddle] - buried 27 Dec 1756

[Thomas Muddle, along with some Dadswell family members, was a clockmaker - see The Clockmakers of Rotherfield]

2. Edward Dodswell baptised 5 Feb 1679 - [marr Elizabeth ___________] - died 19 Jan 1763

[Follow the above Edward Dodswell link to see ancestors of these Dadswells who made Australia home:

1.Frederick Dadswell of Adelaide
2.Arthur James (Jim) Dadswell of Melbourne
3.Sydney Dadswells whose family included sculptor Lyndon Dadswell and forester Eric Dadswell
4.Siblings Barbara, Anne and Edward Dadswell of NSW
5.Melbourne Dadswells including engineer/inventor Stephen Orrace Dadswell
6.Lewis Charles Dadswell of Perth
7.Percy Dadswell of Toowoomba

3. Robert baptised 26 Nov 1681 - [married Mary Ovenden] - buried 29 June 1710

4. John baptised 9 Sept 1683 - buried 13 Oct 1683

5. Nicholas Dodswell baptised 23 Sept 1684 - [married Ann Luxford] - buried 28 Oct 1765

[Follow the above Nicholas Dodswell link to see ancestors of siblings Nicholas, Elizabeth & Hannah Dadswell who migrated to Adelaide in the 1800s]

6. Alexander Dodswell baptised 2 Oct 1686 - [married Anne Baker] - buried 6 May 1766

[Follow the above Alexander Dodswell link to see ancestors of these Dadswells who made Australia home:

1. Thomas William Dadswell of Dadswells Bridge, Victoria
2. Llewellyn Dadswell of Queensland
3. Herbert John Dadswell of Melbourne

7. Thomas baptised 3 Oct 1688 - [married Mary ___________] - buried 27 Nov 1752

8. Abraham baptised 21 Nov 1690 - buried 12 July 1691

9. David baptised 26 July 1692 - died ?

Further information

Robert and Mary Doudeswell (generation 2, parents of Edward Dodswell)

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