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Dadswell Family History

Generation 4
Edward Dodswell (1679-1763)

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Ancestors of Edward Dodswell
Edward Dodswell's story
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Ancestors of Edward Dodswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Edward Dodswell 1679

Edward Dodswell's story

Gravestone of Edward and Elizabeth Dadswell

Edward Dodswell, eldest son of Edward and Elizabeth (Elliott) Doudeswell, was baptised on 5 February 1679 and lived at Rotherfield, Sussex. He was churchwarden there in 1737-39.

He was married about 1709 to Elizabeth (family name unknown), from Goudhurst, Kent and who brought considerable property to the marriage. The couple had 10 children, who were all baptised at the church of St Denys, Rotherfield.

Edward died at Rotherfield on 19 January 1763 and was buried there on January 25. His will, dated 18 June 1756, refers to him as 'Edward the Elder, yeoman' and named his eldest son Robert as executor.

Edward and Elizabeth are the ancestors of a number of Dadswell families who migrated to Australia: 1.Frederick Dadswell of Adelaide 2.Arthur James (Jim) Dadswell of Melbourne 3.Sydney Dadswells including Lyndon & Eric Dadswell 4.Barbara, Anne & Edward Dadswell of NSW 5.Melbourne Dadswells including Stephen Orrace Dadswell 6.Lewis Dadswell of Perth and 7. Percy Dadswell of Toowoomba.

Picture: Gravestone of Edward and Elizabeth Dadswell

Key family dates

Edward Dodswell
baptised 5 Feb 1679 -
died 19 Jan 1763
ca 1709
Elizabeth __________
born ? -
died 4 Sept 1742
Children -

1. Elizabeth Dodswell baptised 13 Jan 1710

2. Robert Dadswell baptised 10 Feb 1711/12 - [married Ann Ovenden] - died 24 Aug 1781

[Follow the above Robert Dadswell link to see ancestors of these Dadswells who made Australia home:

1.Frederick Dadswell of Adelaide
2.Arthur James (Jim) Dadswell of Melbourne
3.Sydney Dadswells whose family included sculptor Lyndon Dadswell and forester Eric Dadswell
4.Lewis Charles Dadswell of Perth

3. Mary Dodswell baptised 14 Feb 1713/14 - [married Daniel Mansur] - died ?

4. Edward Dadswell baptised 21 Nov 1715 - [married Mary Taylor] - died 30 Mar 1802

[Follow the above Edward Dadswell link to see ancestors of siblings Barbara, Anne and Edward Dadswell who migrated to NSW in 1839]

5. Ann Dodswell baptised 5 Mar 1716/17 - died 1717

6. Thomas Dadswell baptised 30 Mar 1719 - [married Mary Taylor] - died 1769

[Follow the above Thomas Dadswell link to see ancestors of Melbourne Dadswells including engineer/inventor Stephen Orrace Dadswell]

7. Hannah Dodswell baptised 25 Jan 1721 - [married John Alchorne] - died ?

8. David Dadswell baptised 5 Mar 1722/23 - [married Ann Oakill] - died 2 Apr 1803

[Follow the above David Dadswell link to see ancestors of Percy Dadswell of Toowoomba]

9. Nicholas Dodswell baptised 12 Sep 1725 - died 4 Aug 1752

10. Sarah Dodswell baptised 28 Jan 1727 - [married 1. William Hoadley, 2. Richard Burr] - died ?

Further information

Information on Edward and Elizabeth Dodswell (generation 3, parents of Edward Dodswell)

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