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Dadswell Family History

Generation 7
Charles Dadswell (1834-1917) and Ann Card

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Ancestors of Charles Dadswell
Charles' story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Charles Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Charles Dadswell 1834

Charles Dadswell's story

Charles Dadswell was the youngest of the 10 children of James and Charlotte (Ovenden) Dadswell. He was born in March 1834 and baptised at Mayfield, Sussex on 3 July 1842.

In his early life, Charles worked as a servant at 'Rooks', Rotherfield, and as an farm labourer. By the 1860s he was a coach driver and family folklore has it that he drove the last horse-drawn postal coach from London to Brighton in the 1880s.

On 17 January 1853, aged 18, he married Ann Card, daughter of James and Ann Card, at the Ebenezer Chapel at Ramsgate, Kent. Just prior to her marriage, Ann was working as a servant cook at Rotherfield. The couple had five children.

Initially the family lived at Brightonbut in 1881 they were at Stoneleigh Lodge, East Grinstead. Following the death of Ann in 1882, Charles lived with his daughter Elizabeth at Horsham, later with his son William in Brighton and in the 1911 census is shown living with his married daughter Adrianne Card at Horsham. Charles died at Brighton on 29 August 1917 at the age of 84.

His will, dated 1 August 1917, was proved at Chichester, Sussex on 1 November 1917. It appointed his son William executor of his estate.

Key family dates

Charles Dadswell
born March 1834 -
died 29 August 1917
Ramsgate, England
17 Jan 1853
Ann Card
born ca1832 -
died 1882
Children -

1. Elizabeth Dadswell baptised 5 June 1853 - died ?

2. William James Dadswell born 1 Sept 1858 - [married Catherine (Kate) Simmonds] - died 22 Jan 1945

[William and Catherine are the parents of Llewellyn Dadswell who migrated to Australia in 1913]

3. Charles Alexander Dadswell born 1865 - [married Ada Romaine] - died 1929

4. Alpheus Augustus Dadswell born 3 March 1867 - died 1917

5. Adrianne Eugenie Dadswell born 1873 - [married James Card] - died 4 Nov 1914

Further information

James Dadswell (generation 6, father of Charles Dadswell)

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