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Dadswell Family History

Generation 7
Martin Dadswell (1832-1915) and Eliza Hemsley

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Ancestors of Martin Dadswell
Martin Dadswell's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Martin Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > William Dadswell 1781 > Martin Dadswell 1832

Martin Dadswell's story

Martin Dadswell was the third and youngest son of William and Sophia (Turner) Dadswell. He is believed to have been born in 1831 and was baptised at Tunbridge with the name of Dodswell on 9 Feb 1832.

The 1841 census shows the nine-year-old Martin living at the Kidders Ash, Sussex home of his parent William and Sophia. By age 19, he was an apprentice blacksmith working for his brother-in-law George Verrall at Leech Street, Rotherfield.

In 1858 he married Eliza Hemsley, again under the name of Dodswell, although their four known children carried the Dadswell name. Martin continued at his trade and became a master blacksmith working at Blacksmith House, Boarshead, Sussex.

Eliza died in November 1899 aged about 66, Martin died in 1915 aged 83.

Key family dates

Martin Dadswell
born 1832 -
died 1915
Eliza Hemsley
born ca 1833 -
died Nov 1899
Children -

1. William Martin Dadswell, born 1858 - died 1865

2. Alfred Henry Dadswell born 1860 - [marr Elizabeth Sailes] - died 21 May 1875

3. James Harry Dadswell born 1861 - [marr Elizabeth Ackrill] - died 1958

[James and Elizabeth are the parents of Herbert John Dadswell who migrated to Australia in 1913]

4. Eliza Dadswell born 1862 - died 28 Mar 1865

Further information

Information on William and Sophia Dadswell (generation 6, parents of Martin Dadswell)

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