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Dadswell Family History

Generation 8
Robert Dadswell (1819-1889) and Naomi Juniper

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Ancestors of Robert Dadswell
Robert Dadswell's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Robert Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Edward Dodswell 1679 > Thomas Dadswell 1719 > Edward Dadswell 1754 > Robert Dadswell 1784 > Robert Dadswell 1819

Robert Dadswell's story

Dadswell bakery shop, Framfield

Robert Dadswell, the fifth child and third son of Robert and Phillis (Burfield) Dadswell, was born on 24 January 1819 and baptised at Brighton on March 18 that year. He became a baker by trade. In the 1841 census, a Robert Dadswell, 20, baker, is listed as living in the household of Thomas Dadswell who was a baker in High Street, Uckfield. This probably was Robert apprenticed to his older brother Thomas.

On 26 April 1846, Robert married Naomi Juniper, the daughter of wheelwright Samuel Juniper and his wife Louisa (Dove) Juniper, at the Hanover Chapel at Brighton. The ceremony was witnessed by Robert's older sister Harriett and her husband Charles Juniper. Robert and Naomi Dadswell are believed to have had two sons, with one - Charles Wardlow Dadswell - dying in infancy in 1847.

Documents in Australia indicate Robert and Naomi Dadswell migrated to Australia about 1850-51 when Robert would have been aged about 31 and Naomi about 35. No shipping record has been found to show what ship they used to sail to Australia. They settled at Preston, Victoria where Robert was again a baker by trade.

Their second son, Stephen Orrace Dadswell, was born at Preston in 1854 when Naomi was aged 38. Robert is shown in the 1856 electoral roll as owning freehold land at Preston. In 1903, Naomi - by then a widow - was living at 168 Lee Street, Carlton.

Robert Dadswell died in Melbourne on 15 May 1889, aged 70. Naomi lived to the age of 89, dying in Melbourne on 30 May 1905.

This 11-generation Family Chart shows the development of this Dadswell family (PDF file).

Picture: The Dadswell bakery at 8 Framfield Road, Uckfield, in the late 1800s/early 1900s, well after the time baker Robert Dadswell and his wife Naomi had left for Australia. Robert worked as a baker in Uckfield under his older brother Thomas. Thomas and his wife Eliza's first son, Edward Henry Dadswell, also became a baker, as did his son Thomas Edward Dadswell. This picture shows the shop when Thomas Edward (thought to be the apron-clad figure in the doorway) had taken over the shop from his father.

Key family dates

Robert Dadswell
born 24 Jan 1819 England
died 15 May 1889 Australia
Brighton, Sussex
26 Apr 1846
Naomi Juniper
born ca 1816 England
died 30 May 1905 Australia
Children -

1. Charles Wardlow Dadswell born 1846 - died 1847

2. Stephen Orrace Dadswell born 27 Aug 1854 - [marr Ellen Garland Pett] - died 24 Apr 1940

Further information

Information on Robert and Phillis Dadswell (generation 7, parents of Robert Dadswell)

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