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Dadswell Family History

Generation 8
Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell 1868-1955

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Ancestors of Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell
Ulrica Mary Ann's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell 1868

Ulrica Mary Ann's story

Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar

Ulrica (Rita) Mary Ann Dadswell* was born at Pleasant Creek (now Stawell) on 11 December 1868 and would have attended the school at Ledcourt Crossing (now Dadswells Bridge). The school was located within the hotel operated by the family. Rita is believed to have left the locality for Horsham when her family shifted about 1886.

[* She was named on her birth certificate as Ulrica Matilda Dadswell but she appears to have been known as Ulrica Mary Ann, or just Rita.]

In 1886, at the age of 18, she gave birth to Ethel May Dadswell who died when she was 14 days old, being buried at Horsham on 21 December 1886. No father was named on Ethel's birth certificate.

Rita worked in the First Commercial Hotel in Horsham and on 22 August 1889 married Robert Francis Dunbar, a blacksmith who was born at Ararat in 1863, the son of Peter and Julia (Gorman) Dunbar.

Indications are that the couple initially lived with Rita's father, Thomas Dadswell, in Wilson Street to 1892, Urquart Street to 1895 and Darlot Street to 1898 when Thomas probably left Horsham. The first of the couple's eight children, Charles Thomas Dunbar, was born in 1889.

By 1898, the couple had four children - all born in Horsham - with one dying as an infant. In that year, the family sailed from Victoria to Western Australia to live in 'May Cottage,' located within the Subiaco railway yards, just west of Perth.

Robert became a railway fettler and later the family moved to a home in Churchill Avenue in the same area. By 1907, the couple's eight children had been born.

Robert, remembered as a large bearded man, and Rita both lived into their 80s. Robert died in 1950 aged 86, and when Rita later became frail she lived with her daughter Helena (Mrs George Brown) who also lived at Subiaco. Rita died at the family home on 7 June 1955, aged 87.

Key family dates

Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell
born 11 December 1868 -
died 7 June 1955
Father not known
Child -

1. Ethel May Dadswell born and died 1886

Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell
born 11 December 1868 -
died 7 June 1955
at Horsham
22 August 1889
Robert Francis Dunbar
born 1863 -
died 11 January 1950
Children -

1. Charles Thomas Dunbar born 2 November 1889 - died 4 August 1916

2. Thomas William Dunbar born 27 November 1891 - [married Emma Hammond] - died 7 November 1923

3. Robert Ernest Dunbar born and died 1894

4. Helena Florence Dunbar born 28 December 1895 - [married George Brown] - died 5 April 1984

5. Eileen Mary born 6 December 1898 - [married Peter Nissen] - died 16 October 1970

6. Norman Robert James Dunbar born 29 January 1901 - [married Maisie Evelyn Duncan] - died 2 February 1992

7. Jack Dadswell Dunbar born 17 August 1902 - died 4 May 1904

8. Ronald Clement Dunbar born 9 July 1907 - [married Mary Christina Resiness] - died 16 June 1975


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Ulrica Mary Ann Dadswell Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar and son Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar and son Ronald Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar

Further information

Children of Robert and Ulrica (Dadswell) Dunbar
Early Dunbar family members
Brothers/sisters of Ulrica Mary Ann (Dadswell) Dunbar
Thomas William Dadswell (generation 7, father of Ulrica Mary Ann (Dadswell) Dunbar)

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