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Dadswell Family History

Generation 9
Arthur Raymond Dadswell (1884-1964) and Masel Cobcroft Pidgeon

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Ancestors of Arthur Raymond Dadswell
Arthur Raymond Dadswell's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Arthur Raymond Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Edward Dodswell 1679 > Robert Dadswell 1711 > Robert Dadswell 1773 > Charles Dadswell 1817 > Charles Frederick Dadswell 1847 > Arthur Raymond Dadswell 1884

Arthur Raymond Dadswell's story

Arthur Raymond Dadswell was the eighth child of Charles and Hannah (Richardson) Dadswell of Sydney.

In 1907, he married Maysell Cobcroft Pidgeon, daughter of Thomas and Emily Louise Pidgeon, and granddaughter of the Rev Nathaniel Pidgeon, an Irish-born evangelist who preached on the streets of Sydney in the mid-1800s. Maysell was born in May 1886 and died in 1967. They had two children, a son and a daughter.

Arthur and Maysell Dadswell lived in North Sydney. Arthur was a secretary and manager until his retirement. He died on 18 June 1984 a few months short of his 100th birthday.

This 10-generation Family Chart shows the development of this Dadswell family (PDF file).

Key family dates

Arthur Raymond Dadswell
born 15 Nov 1884 -
died 18 Jun 1984
at Sydney
Maysell Cobcroft Pidgeon
born May 1886 -
died 20 Mar 1967

Children -
1. Lyndon Raymond Dadswell born 16 Jan 1908 - [married 1.Eliza Antoinette Ruth Stenning, 2. Audrey Margret Herbert] - died 7 Nov 1986

2. Maysel Reema Dadswell born 15 Feb 1917 - [married Raymond Henry Blondel] - ?

Further information

Information on Charles Frederick and Hannah Maria Dadswell (generation 8, parents of Arthur Raymond Dadswell)

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