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Dadswell Family History

Generation 9
Edward Henry Dadswell (1838-1922) and Dorcas Susanna Webb

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Ancestors of Edward Henry Dadswell
Edward Henry Dadswell's story
Key family dates
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Ancestors of Edward Henry Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Edward Dodswell 1679 > Thomas Dadswell 1719 > Edward Dadswell 1754 > Robert Dadswell 1784 > Thomas Dadswell 1810 > Edward Henry Dadswell 1838

Edward Henry Dadswell's story

Edward Henry Dadswell

Edward Henry Dadswell, the first child of Thomas and Eliza Dadswell, was born on 26 January 1838 at Uckfield, Sussex.

At the age of 23, he married Dorcas Susanna Webb, on 15 September 1861, at St Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex. Edward Henry and Dorcas Susanna lived at Uckfield and had four children, all born in Uckfield.

Edward Henry was a baker and confectioner like his father Thomas and was active in his community. He was a member of the Baptist Church, the Uckfield Lodge of Oddfellows, director of the Uckfield Gas Company, director of the Uckfield Building Society and served on the Urban Council. He is listed as a trustee of the Uckfield Baptist Church in 1871.

He died on 5 June 1922 at his home “Beechcroft” on London Road, Uckfield after a heart attack; he was 84 years old. He survived his wife Dorcas by 4 years and his first son Thomas Edward by 14 years.

The property No 1 Prospect Cottages that his father bequeathed to his brother Thomas David Dadswell appears in Edward Henry’s will so it is likely that Thomas David sold it to him before migrating to Australia.

Picture: Edward Henry Dadswell.

Key family dates

Edward Henry Dadswell
born 26 Jan 1838 Uckfield
died 5 Jun 1922 Uckfield
15 Sept 1861
at Brighton, Sussex
Dorcas Susanna Webb
born 14 Jan 1837
died 24 Apr 1918
Children -

Susanna Elizabeth Dadswell born ca1862 - [married Horace Cornwall in 1884] - died ?

Eliza Martha Dadswell born ca1866 - [married George Cottingham in 1888] - died ?

Thomas Edward Dadswell born 20 May 1867 - [married Martha Jemima Page on 26 Dec 1889] - died 1 Feb 1908

Naomi Esther Dadswell born ca1875 - [married Ernest Taylor on 7 Nov 1899] - died ?

Further information

Information on Thomas and Eliza Dadswell (generation 8, parents of Edward Henry Dadswell)

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