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Dadswell Family History

Generation 9
In this section ...

The family of Emma Elizabeth Dadswell and Henry Fitzroy Bell:

Helena (Lena) Violet Bell (1879-1963)
John (Jack) Thomas Bell (1881-1951)
Henry (Harry) William Bell (1882-1935)
Ada Emma Bell (1884-1931)
Charles Fitzroy Bell (1886-1923)
Alfred Otto Bell (1888-1968)
Robert Ernest Bell (1890-1950)
Thomas William Dadswell Bell (1892-1960)
Herbert (Bert) Sydney Dadswell Bell (1894-1976)
William Amos Bell (1896-1899)

The family of Alfred Otto and Emma (Lewin) Dadswell:

Henry William Dadswell (1894-1978)
Stanley Alfred Dadswell (1896-1957)
Ethel May Dadswell (1898-1943)

The family of Charles and Susan (Broadwood) Dadswell:

Charles Dadswell (1893-1917)
Elena Ivy Dadswell (1895-1967)
Olive Myrtle Dadswell (1898-1951)
Thomas William Dadswell (1900-1985)
Male child, died at birth (1902)


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