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Dadswell Family History

Generation 9
Olive Myrtle Dadswell (1898-1951)

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Ancestors of Olive Myrtle Dadswell
Olive Myrtle's story
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Ancestors of Olive Myrtle Dadswell

Robert Doudeswell 1560 > Robert Doudeswell 1606 > Edward Dodswell 1659 > Alexander Dodswell 1686 > Thomas Dadswell 1732 > James Dadswell 1786 > Thomas William Dadswell 1828 > Charles Thomas Dadswell 1863 > Olive Myrtle Dadswell 1898

Olive Myrtle's story

Olive Myrtle (Dadswell) Heslop

Olive Myrtle Dadswell, the second daughter of Charles Thomas and Susan (Broadwood) Dadswell, was born at Horsham on 9 April 1898.

She attended Horsham State School 198 and later was one of the original pupils when Horsham High School opened in 1912. She passed her Merit Certificate at a high standard.

After leaving school, she joined the Education Department, teaching firstly at Haven (south of Horsham) and then at McKenzie Creek School. Instead of transferring away from the district, she resigned from the Education Department and took up a position in Horsham with Massey Harris Farm Machinery where she remained until her marriage in 1925.

Prior to her marriage, Myrtle was a Sunday School teacher at the Green Park Presbyterian Church in Horsham, was one of the foundation members of the Senior Girls Mission Band which later became the Presbyterian Girls Fellowship, and was a member of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union.

Alex and Olive Myrtle (Dadswell) Heslop At Horsham on 25 June 1925, she married Alexander Heslop, a World War One veteran who was son of James Alexander and Caroline Emma (Cunnington) Heslop. At the time of their marriage, Myrtle was aged 27, Alex was 28. The couple settled at Golton Vale near Dadswells Bridge where Myrtle helped her husband with the clearing of the land. They farmed there until 1949.

Alex had family who had lost their savings and Myrtle helped raise their children as well as her own three, all born at Golton Vale, until they got re-established.

In the early days on the Golton Vale farm, water was carted from a well sunk some distance from the house. During droughts, it was for household use as well as for the garden. Later, when a dam was excavated closer to the house, water was carried in four gallon (18.2 litre) ex-kerosene drums to water the garden.

Myrtle also helped on the wood bench and to load wood onto trucks for delivery to homes in Horsham. In fine weather, wood was taken to her parents' home at 33 Stawell Road, Horsham, and stock piled for delivery during winter.

She was also the wool classer in the shearing shed and coped with wool classing and providing meals for the shearers, as well as raising the family. She also entered into the life of the local community in practically every organisation.

Alex started the school bus service from the Dadswells Bridge area to Horsham in 1946 and operated this until 1951. Myrtle took her mother (Susan Dadswell) into their home at Golton Vale in 1944 and cared for her until Susan entered hospital prior to her death in November 1950. She also looked after Alex's father (James Heslop) while he lived at Dadswells Bridge.

In December 1949, the Heslop family moved to Horsham, buying a house at 45 Stawell Road, only a few doors from Myrtle's childhood home. Myrtle did not survive very long to enjoy her retirement in Horsham. She passed away on 9 March 1951, shortly before her 53rd birthday, and was buried in Horsham Cemetery.

Alex later married a second time, to Beryl Irene Pohlner. He died at Horsham on 9 November 1974 at the age of 78 and was buried in the same grave as Myrtle.

Key family dates

Olive Myrtle Dadswell
born 9 April 1898 -
died 9 March 1951
Horsham, Vic
25 June 1925
Alex Heslop
born 30 September 1896 -
died 9 November 1974
Children -
1. Charles Thomas Heslop
born 10 September 1928 -
died 4 August 1992
2. Evelyn Jean Heslop (Ballinger)
born 22 December 1929 -
died 12 December 2004
3. Caroline Ellen Heslop (Lane)
born 28 July 1933 -
died 13 May 2021


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Olive Myrtle Dadswell Olive Myrtle Dadswell Olive Myrtle Dadswell

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