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Dadswell Family History

Mt Cole Primary School, about 1902

Students at Mt Cole school, 1902

Students (including Henry William, Stanley Alfred and Ethel May (Ciss) Dadswell) at Mt Cole Primary School, about 1902 -

Left to right, back row: Norman McGuiness, Walter Lewin, Ern Netherby, Fred Pierce, Robert Gordon, Ern Jones, Frank Dalton, Bert Jones
Second row: Percy Ord, Stan Gordon, William Ord, Rose Padgett, Emily Lewin, Violet Pierce, Mabel Lewin, Catherine Bywaters, Ruby Padgett
Third row: Wilf Gordon, Vic Lewin, Stan Dadswell, _____________ , Ethel May (Ciss) Dadswell, Maude Lewin, Sis Jones
Front row: Alf Cox, George Cox, Arthur Cox, Les Jones, Henry Dadswell, Wilfred Lewin.

Picture and names from Mt Cole-Warrak, A History and Its People, compiled by Margaret Beattie and Bronwyn Shalders, 1990.

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