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Bunn Family History

Bunn/Smiley family link

On 26 August 1894, Marion Harley Bunn, daughter of Henry Alfred and Margaret (Wilson) Bunn of St Kilda, married Thomas Alexander Ward Smiley, son of Shepherd Parkman and Margaret Phoebe (Ward) Smiley. This part of the Smiley family website explores a little of the Bunn family story from ancestors in England in the late 1600s down to the Australian generation of Marion Harley Bunn.

Alfred John Bunn 1862-1916

Family line:
John Bunn ca1680James Bunn 1703James Bunn 1737William Bunn 1765George Bunn 1789Henry Alfred Bunn 1827-1905 → Alfred John Bunn 1862-1916.

Alfred John Bunn

Alfred John Bunn, born on 27 March 1862 at St Kilda, Victoria, was the 2nd of the 12 children of Henry Alfred and Margaret (Wilson) Bunn. He worked as a warehouseman for many years. In 1889, when he was about 27, he married Charlotte 'Lottie' Swinburne, daughter of Cuthbert and Benjamina (Grant) Swinburne. Lottie was born on 6 July 1867.

The couple had five children. Two - Enid and Rupert - died when young. The other three were Heather, Charles and Malcolm. The family is known to have lived at a number of locations in Melbourne - Nelson Road, Newport, Regent Street, Elsternwick and Livingston Street, Ivanhoe.

Alfred John died on 23 February 1916 when he was aged 53 and when the youngest child (Malcolm) was aged 8. 'Lottie' subsequently opened a small shop near the new school at Albert Park, selling school books and groceries. One of her nieces, Jessie Smiley (later Dadswell) could recall that she and her sisters would walk from their St Kilda home to the shop on Saturday mornings to buy butter and other items from her. 'Lottie' died in 1950 when she was 82.


Further information

Siblings of Alfred John Bunn.



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