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Smiley Family History

William Joseph Smiley 1863-1902

Family line:
Francis Smylie/Smiley 1689Hugh Smiley 1723William Smiley 1757Hugh Smiley 1785Shepherd Parkman Smiley 1828 → William Joseph Smiley 1863-1902.

William Smiley
1863, Dandenong, Victoria
Died: 29 September 1902, Midland Junction, Western Australian, aged 39
Occupation: Butcher
Married: Catherine Darley Bruce, 18 October 1888, West Melbourne, Vic
Children: 4

William Joseph Smiley was the fourth of the seven children of Shepherd Parkman and Margaret Phoebe (Ward) Smiley. He was born at Dandenong in 1863. Like a number of the family, he became a butcher.

In Melbourne on 18 October 1888, William married Catherine Darley Bruce, who was born at Fitzroy in 1862, the daughter of railway contractor John Vans Agnew and Elizabeth Mealy (Darley) Bruce. At the time of her marriage, Catherine was a hat maker living at Rae Street, North Fitzroy.

The couple had three children while living in Victoria, two of them dying as babies. During some of this time, William was in partnership with his brother Franklin Thomas, and together they operated the Smiley Brothers butchers shop at 22 High Street, St Kilda. The partnership was dissolved in March 1893 and shortly after William and his family moved to Western Australia.

A fourth child, Henry Franklin, was born in WA but their 18-year-old daughter Elizabeth Margaret died, leaving them with one child.

William and Catherine lived at York Road, Midland Junction in later life - William died at Midland Junction on 29 September 1902 aged 39, and Catherine died in Perth on 21 August 1942, aged 80.

Children of William and Catherine (Bruce) Smiley


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