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White Family History

John White and Jane Ward

Roof thatcher John White and his wife Jane Ward were English but they married in Dublin in a Catholic ceremony on 31 May 1807.

Jane was daughter of Thomas and Mary (nee Appleby) Ward. Jane's mother Mary Ward died in 1847.

According to research by Natasha White (see Ancestry website), John and Jane are thought to have had two sons - Patrick Francis born in Ireland in 1811 and a second son, William, who lived with the couple after they had returned to England. John, Jane and William are shown in the 1851 English census - John and William as thatchers, and Jane as a midwife.

John White died in 1856 and Jane in 1870.

Key family dates

John White
born ca 1784 -
died 1856
married Dublin 31 May 1807 Jane Ward
born 1785 -
died Jan 1870

Children -

1. Patrick Francis White born 1811 - died 1883. Patrick is the ancestor of all Australian descendents in this family line.

2. William White born ? - died ?

Further information

Introduction to this family history.

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