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Myra (Bonnie) White

Myra White gravestone

Myra (Bonnie) White was the 2nd of five children of George and Myra (nee Egglestone) White.

She was born at Bendigo on 3 September 1910 and lived with the family at Birchip where she began school. From 1918 she was living at Tempy where she attended Tempy Primary School.

Bonnie contracted meningitis and was taken to St Arnaud District Hospital where she died on 29 March 1923. She was aged 12. She was buried at St Arnaud Cemetery, Church of England area, section 30, grave 10, marker no. 262C.

The St Arnaud Mercury of 4 April 1923 reported:

"A girl named Myra White, 12 years of age, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. White, of Tempy, died in the St Arnaud Hospital on Thursday. Another death occurred in the institution on the same day, viz, Mrs Lewis, aged 39 years, wife of Mr. E. R. Lewis of Turriff. Deceased leaves a sorrowing husband and a family of four children, the oldest being 10 years and the youngest being 2 years of age. Both internments took place at the St Arnaud Cemetery. Archdeacon Best (Church of England) conducting the burial service in each instance."

Further information

Parents of Myra White (George and Myra White)
Siblings of Myra White (Hilda, Ted, Joyce and Lindsay White)

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