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Smiley Family History

Hugh Smiley 1723-1813

Family line:
Francis Smylie/Smiley 1689 → Hugh Smiley 1723-1813.

Hugh Smiley
1723, Londonderry, Ireland
Died: 10 April 1813 at Sidney, Maine, USA, age 90
Occupation: Farmer
Married: Mary Park, on 23 Oct 1745 at Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA
Children: 8

Hugh Smiley was the second child of Francis and Agnes (Wilson) Smiley, and was born at Londonderry in Northern Ireland in 1723.

He is believed to have travelled with his parents and siblings from Ireland to New Hampshire in America in 1727. Later, in 1743, he moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts and two years later, on 23 Oct 1745, he married Mary Park, daughter of Alexander and Margaret (Waugh) Park. Mary also had been born in Northern Ireland, in 1735.

Hugh subsequently bought land from a John Simpson and the couple settled and produced three children while living at Pelham, New Hampshire, and later five more children at nearby Windham.

Along with other Smileys, Hugh served in Captain Moses McFarland's company in Colonel John Nixon's Regiment during the American Revolution, the upheaval during the last half of the 18th century in which thirteen of Britain's colonies in North America overthrew the governance of the Parliament of Great Britain.

Hugh Smiley died in Sidney, Maine, on 10 April 1813 at the age of 90; Mary had died 25 years earlier, on 3 May 1788, aged 53.

Children of Hugh and Mary (Park) Smiley


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