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Smiley Family History

Margaret May Smiley 1877-1913

Family line:
Francis Smylie/Smiley 1689Hugh Smiley 1723William Smiley 1757Hugh Smiley 1785Shepherd Parkman Smiley 1828 → Margaret May Smiley 1877-1913.

Margaret (Maggie) Smiley
17 May 1877, Wickcliffe, Vic
Died: 20 July 1913, Prahran, Vic, aged 36
Occupation: Music teacher
Married: (1) Robert McKissock Gregor on 11 July 1898 at South Yarra, Vic; (2) Henry (Harry) Felix Rodgers, Melbourne, Vic, on 24 Dec 1903
Children: 3

Margaret May Smiley, also known as Maggie Mary, was the last of the seven children of Shepherd Parkman and Margaret Phoebe (Ward) Smiley. She was born at Wickcliffe in western Victoria on 17 May 1877.

At the time of her two marriages, she described herself as a music teacher.

In Melbourne on 11 July 1898, Margaret married Robert McKissick Gregor. Robert was born at Sunbury in 1869, the son of a farmer Robert and Ann (McIntosh) Gregor. At the time of his marriage, Robert gave his occupation as police constable, living at Russell Street, Melbourne, possibly in the police barracks in that street. The couple had one son, Robert Edison Gregor, born at Carlton in 1899.

On 24 December 1903, Margaret married a second time, declaring herself a widow with one child. Her partner was Henry (Harry) Felix Rodgers, born at South Melbourne on 26 July 1882, the son of police constable Felix Rogers and Harriet (Parker) Rogers. On marriage Harry gave his occupation as debt collector, living at High Street, St Kilda. Two children were born from this marriage, Elva May and Madge.

Margaret died from complications of child birth at Prahran on 28 July 1913, aged 36, and was buried at St Kilda Cemetery; Henry died on 26 September 1942, aged 60.

Children of Margaret May (Maggie Mary) Smiley & Robert Gregor/Henry Rodgers


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